2025 Section E17 Conclave Logo

August 6th – 10th, 2025

Camp Guajataka

San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

August 6th - 10th, 2025 Camp Guajataka San Sebastián, Puerto Rico

Conclave 2025

Conclave is a section-wide event where we invite the Arrowmen of all our lodges to join us for a weekend of training, fellowship, and friendly competitions. During our annual Conclave, we have training opportunities from all over the section as well as National OA guests. We also have fun activities, games, and competitions for all our members, no matter their activity level, to participate.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every year, Section E17 runs Conclave with a different host lodge at one of their camps. For 2025, the host lodge is Yokahú Lodge in Puerto Rico! Their home camp is Guajatake Scout Reservation located in San Sebastián, Puerto Rico.

With a total of 11 lodges, each lodge is given the opportunity to host Conclave roughly once every ten years.

At this time, Arrowmen not in one of the 11 lodges in Section E17 cannot attend. We encourage you to attend your section’s annual Conclave instead.

As usual, people who are not members of the Order of the Arrow cannot attend Conclave.

Because we’re flying to Puerto Rico for Conclave 2025, the section and conclave leadership has decided to extend the event to include a few days of touring Puerto Rico before the standard conclave weekend.