Meet the 2024 – 2025 Section Officers

During the Section Business Meeting at the 2024 Section E17 Conclave, the lodges elected a new set of leaders for the upcoming year.

Section Chief - Laila L.

Laila Labib is an Eagle Scout and Brotherhood member from Witauchsoman Lodge #44. Prior to being elected, Laila served as Section Secretary, she has also served at a number of different positions within her lodge. Laila currently serves as the National Social Media lead for the OA, she has at Akelaland Cub Scout Resident Camp as Pioneer Camp Staff, and serves as an ASPL on NYLT for Patriots’ Path Council! 

Outside of Scouting, she is a marketing and international studies major, with hopes of pursuing a law degree after, at The College Of New Jersey.

Section Vice Chief - Brittain Banull

Brittain Banull is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Lowwapaneu Lodge 191. Prior to being elected Section Vice Chief of E17, Britt served as Lodge Chief, Lodge Secretary and Treasurer, and other positions throughout his lodge. Britt has served in a variety of training roles within his home council, the Northeastern Pennsylvania Council, including Senior Patrol Leader of the 2023 National Youth Leadership Training Course.

Outside of Scouting, Britt is a graduate of West Scranton High School in Scranton, PA and is a Volunteer Firefighter in the Borough of Moosic. Britt attends The Pennsylvania State University’s Bellisario College of Communications for a degree in Public Relations and Advertising, and additionally is a student in the Schreyer Honors College.

Section Secretary - Brianna B.

Brianna is an Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor member of Woapalanne Lodge #43. Prior to being elected, Brianna served last year and will continue to serve as the Lodge Chief of Woapalanne Lodge. She has worked on her council’s NYLT courses for the last three years.

Outside of Scouting, Brianna is on her high school’s track and cross-country teams and participates in the green team, Spanish, and multicultural clubs.